Who Invented the Ice Lolly?

In 1904 Frank Epperson was 11 years old when he invented the ice lolly. One cold winter he accidentally left soda water out in the snow. Epperson was shocked that the soda had frozen and so, like all curious children, he decided to taste it. He found, that despite the cold California winter, it was pretty delicious so in 1923 he patented the concept of ‘frozen ice on a stick’, calling it the Epsicle. A few years after that he sold the rights and the Popsicle was born in New York City. 

Here at Ice Kitchen, we make twists on classic ice lollies like Oranges and Lemons, Strawberries and Cream and Raspberry Mint. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to play with flavours. Especially since it means we get to appeal to people’s sense of nostalgia, but also offer them something exciting that they’re probably never tried before!