Seaside and Ice Lollies: Ice Cream Month Has Arrived

To celebrate this official holiday we’re looking at the history of eating ice lollies by the seaside…

This week we are celebrating Ice Cream Month. Yes, it really is an official food holiday. Although celebrated in the USA, we are taking it as an opportunity to tell the history of ice lollies. Most Brits will have fond memories of sitting by the sea, in the wind – maybe even the rain – and eating of an ice lolly stick, or licking at a cone.

Although ubiquitous now, it wasn’t actually until the ice cream van boom in the 60s that most British families could enjoy ice lollies at leisure. The very first ice cream van was created in the US by two Irish brothers, William & James Conway, who took a Mister Softee van out on St. Patrick’s Day & gave all their customers free soft whipped green ice cream.

Then, in 1959 Mister Softee began official trade in Britain, and with it, the opportunity to transport hundreds of Ice Creams and Ice Lollies to British bathers on the beach.

To keep Ice Cream cool at home required expensive freezer technology. This meant that the dessert was still considered a luxury most people could not afford.

In many ways, if it wasn’t for ice cream vans, and the transportable nature of the cone (or the lolly) then the average family would never have had the opportunity to enjoy this frozen treat.

So today, as we begin Ice Cream month, let’s all cheer Hurrah for the Ice Cream Man!