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“An exciting new generation of ice-cream makers”
“Londons best ice lollies!”
“Packing refreshingly original flavours into lollies? The Ice Kitchen has it licked”
“Top 5 Ice’s in London”
“Ice pops that are too cool for school”
‘Alcoholic ice lollies and Ice-cream are having a moment this summer”
“Ice lollies can give you a near-religious experience”
“The lollies’ swirling colours and icy veils, that make them seem more like Impressionist watercolour paintings wrapped on sticks”
“Cesar is following in his grandmothers footsteps”
“So these treats are actually quite good for you“
“Zest up your summer BBQ with Ice Kitchen's handmade ice-lollies, an essential when it comes to a little R&R.”
“If only Carrie Bradshaw could see this. Vodka, cranberry and orange muddle on a stick for a sensational summer treat”