The Ice Kitchen story begins in the summer of 2011 in New York. Whilst on holiday in upstate Woodstock Nadia Roden came across a photo of a transparent lolly with a leaf frozen inside it. It looked so beautiful and it immediately sparked her imagination, which started running wild with all of sorts of flavours and concoctions that could be frozen in ice. She thought it was such a playful and unique idea that she couldn’t help herself from pursuing it.

In no time her nephew and chef Cesar Roden was brought over from London to help launch the gourmet Ice Lolly venture.

The lollies were first sold on the Big Apple’s High Line Park and business boomed. It wasn’t long before Cesar returned to London, ready to give the Brits a taste of what they’d been missing.

Even in the face of demanding Londoners & New Yorkers Ice Kitchen didn’t take shortcuts. Each of our recipes was and continues to be handmade, tasting like the real thing because that’s exactly what they are: Playful yet sophisticated; this is nostalgia on a stick

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Our story begins


Ice Kitchen’s story starts in New York in 2010, when Nadia Roden created Lilly Lolly’s Ice Kitchen, the first gourmet ice lolly venture in the city!

Lily Lolly's Ice Kitchen


After chef school Cesar Roden spent a hot summer in NYC helping his aunt Nadia with Lilly Lolly's.

Ice Kitchen is launched in the UK at southbank food market


The response from NYC was so great that Cesar realised the business would also flourish in the UK, especially since there was nothing else like it on the market. So, in 2013 Cesar brought the idea to London and Ice Kitchen was born!

We launch in COOK stores nationwide


We wow the founders of COOK. They loved our lollies and from 2014 they stock them in all their 80+ UK stores throughout the summer

New production facility


During Winter 2014 we moved into a new premises and created 5 new jobs.

BBC One show


Ice Kitchen were spotted by the BBC, and Cesar appeared live on the One Show with Lord Sugar as well as James Martin’s Home comforts and BBC Radio Four.

50 lolly recipes


In July 2014 we released our hardback recipe book: 'Ice Kitchen: 50 Lolly Recipes'. With unique recipes made by Cesar and Nadia, the book was listed as No.1 bestseller in Amazon’s desserts and has since been published internationally in 15 countries.

International Adventure begins!


We met adventurous Dutch entrepreneurs Kees & Maarten who love our lollies and launched them in their chain of sweet shops throughout Holland.

Rewarded with awards


Our gourmet range has received plenty of critical acclaim. We are currently the proud holders of no less than 8 Great Taste awards

Poptail book is launched


Following the success of our first recipe book, we began working on a follow-up, a grown-up collection of alcoholic ice pops.

A Korean adventure


In the summer of 2017 we embarked on an adventure to South Korea, eventually watching our ice lollies sell to thousands of Koreans via TV shopping channels.

Independent stockist expansion


Launched into over 200 new stores within London

Chocolat Lollies


Ice Kitchen confirms partnership with Hotel Chocolat to launch the first white-label gourmet ice lolly Chocolate experience

The worlds first Christmas Pudding Ice Lolly


The launch of the new festive collection exclusive to Ocado. An immersive, tastebud tingling experience for the celebratory period.

Flavour development & chocolate dipping


The launch of 4 new flavours into the core range including 2 ultra-premium chocolate-dipped options.